Saturday, January 5, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand Stay the Night

Hello Ninjas!

This weekend is the 15th Anniversary Seminar at the Dojo where I work and everyone is pretty excited. We did a huge group photo today that I hope turns out well, it's hard to smile when it's that cold out and you're wearing a uniform instead of a winter coat!

Today's manicure is one I thought fit the Fireside Glow theme very well. This is one of OPI's new Liquid Sand polishes called Stay the Night. StN is a black base with lots of hot pink glitter throughout the polish. The sandy texture on this is really interesting and actually pretty fun to wear. I did three coats of polish here to cover up my VNL and make sure that the texture really stood out. I chose this manicure for Fireside glow because it looked a lot like burning embers to me :) Sorry for the different quality, I had to use my MiL's camera to take these pictures at her house so I didn't have my new light box with me.

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