Sunday, February 19, 2012

AEngland Dragon

Hello wondrous Ninjas!

Tonight I have the highly sought after Dragon from AEngland's Legend collection. This is a gorgeous lush green that flashes with not only gold duochrome but a wonderful scattered holographic effect. When I first started collection AEngland polishes, I wanted nothing more that a green in the same style as Lady of the Lake and Tristam. Now that I have Dragon (And the soon to be worn St. George) I feel like my dream has come true! This is two easy and glossy coats of Dragon that lasted me 4 days with minimal tip wear and no chipping. I have never tried an AEngland polish that I didn't like. Adina is a genius <3


  1. ohmygod I am jealous. That's gorgeous.

  2. I love it!! this is def. my next A-England purchase!


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