Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sally Hansen Delphinium

Good afternoon Ninjas!

Today I've got a really pretty pastel for you from Sally Hansen, Delphinium. I knew when I picked this up on clearance at Ulta that I already loved it. Unlike Essie's Nice is Nice which looks horrible on my skin tone, Delphinium is a grey based pastel purple. This was incredibly flattering on my hands and I almost didn't want to take it off. It was very complimentary to my skin so I'm thinking that I might want to look for nudes in the future that lean a little grey/purple for a good match. First off, here's a picture of what Delphinium flowers look like:

And here is what my lovely, two coat manicure looked like:

I can definitely see the inspiration the color mixers at Sally took from the pretty purple Delphinium flowers when making this polish. I'm a huge fan of the color purple but in the polish world, I wear more greens. If I could find more purples that went so well with my skin tone, I might wear more of them! And yes, that is my RIGHT hand! The polish just came out smoother on that hand so I decided to make my life easier (aka, not have to edit my photos besides cropping) and take a picture of my right hand instead of my left. Can you see how long my nails were getting? I took a good bit off of them a couple of days ago because they were stating to affect my ability to type.


  1. Oh that's pretty. =D I'm getting ready to paint mine purple too!

  2. I don't think I've noticed this one before. It's a really pretty shade.

  3. This is really beautiful, and looks fantastic on you! :D

  4. Thanks ladies! I was super excited to find a pastel purple that actually went well with my skin tone!

  5. Oooh! such a pretty color! I think this suites you well! :D


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