Monday, February 13, 2012

Cult Nails Iconic

Hello lovely Ninjas!

Today I've got a manicure done with Cult Nails Iconic. According to their website, Iconic "is a deep berry creme with gorgeous red flakes and hidden gold shimmer throughout. Iconic is destined to become an instant classic. " So it's safe to say Iconic has a complex formula to go along with the complex finish of the polish. When I got my bottle, I was wowed by how wonderful it looked just sitting there but the beauty was not entirely translated to the nail. I had a lot of problems with the formula on this one. It was fast drying which is good but since it dried to fast and was relatively thick to begin with, it was sort of goopy when I applied it. Due to the goopiness, I ended up with much thicker coats than I would like to avoid dragging with such a sticky polish

On top of that, the polish did not play well with others. What I mean by that is that it did not end up with a high shine finish I was expecting after a generous coat of Seche Vite. I think because of it's goopy consistency, Iconic was craving more polish to help it self level, sort of like a hungry glitter polish. You'll see in my pictures that there isn't the usual perfect mirror shine on the nails. There were even small indentations each place where a flakie was close to the surface like it sunk back into the nail. Very strange and very disappointing for the price of this polish. There was also tipwear on Iconic (Probably because it didn't like Seche) in less thank 24hours of wear. Nothing like I was expecting at $10 a bottle. I will probably refrain form buying any more Cult Nails colors and spend my money on a brand I trust implicitly like AEngland.


  1. Thats a shame, I love the formulas for all of my Cult Nails polishes. I don't have this specific shade so I cant say anything about that. I havent heard any other complains about Iconics formula so maybe you had a bad bottle?

  2. So sorry to read about your experience. That is incossistant with the quality & formula of our polishes. We would have loved to hear from you when you tried the polish, to offer an opportunity to rectify this. I would love to send you out a new bottle. Just contact us if you are interested.


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