Thursday, February 23, 2012

Performance Colors: Colorpots

Hello Ninjas!

Today I've got an all cosmetics post for you. Sorry Lacquer-holics, I'll understand if you skip this post <3

I recently heard about the amazing staying power and great price of colorpots done by Etsy seller Performance Colors. Being in need of a few good sticky colors to base my normal loose mineral looks on, I ordered her 5 sample pack. For $5 I got 5 colorpot samples, two concealer samples, and she added and extra lip gloss sample too! She shipped super fast and the product packaging is super cute (I might be biased because I love lotuses though).

All of the goodies!

Ingredients and a sweet thank you note

The freebies


Light concealer on the left, Fair concealer on the right
After taking pictures of all the pretties in their packages, I did a quick arm swatch. I did not have the ideal lighting for this so I apologize that two of the colors are super hard to see (Champagne and Flush) But at least this gives you an idea of how very sparkly and pretty they are!

L-R: Sweet Dreams, Champagne, Spanks, Babycakes, Flush

Blurred for shine: Sweet Dreams, Champagne, Spanks, Babycakes, Flush
What do you think? They're gorgeous, the extras were very sweet and her packaging is great. I'll be showing a look I did with these in a few days. I wore them super simply on Valentines day.

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