Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zoya Shay

Good afternoon Ninjas!

Today I've got Zoya Shay from their Touch collection that released over the summer. This was the one I thought would be closest to my mannequin hands at the time. It is entirely possible that when I picked this color up, it would have matched my slightly tanned complexion perfectly. However, since I did not swatch it until the dead of winter when I'm getting zero sunlight, it's too dark for my hands. The color itself is really pretty and the pearly shimmer makes it a more unique nude color but it just isn't right for my winter-time skin tone. Two coats was all it took for this to be opaque though which was a pleasant surprise considering how light the color was. It self-leveled as I expect of all Zoya colors and was a nice neutral color to wear after the amazing sparkle and awe of Dragon.


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