Friday, February 17, 2012

Illamasqua Kink and Essie As Gold as it Gets

Hello darling Ninjas,

Thank you for the kind words for Tango, he's on the mend but being a horrible brat when it comes to taking his meds! Hopefully that means he'll heal right up with no issues.

Today I've got na layering combo that wasn't what I had planned. I had initially meant to wear only Illamasqua Kink for a few days because I love green and I thought the vinyl manicure would get some interesting comments at work. I did three coats over Essie All in One Base with no top coat. I let it dry for almost three hours before I went to bed since I didn't know how long it would take to cure without topcoat. It seemed fine when I went through my nightly routine so I thought nothing of it. However, in the morning I had horrible sheet marks all over my lovely nails! I was sorely disappointed in the dry time of this polish. The application was a breeze, even my husband commented that I didn't "take long enough" to paint my nails. With all the press marks all over my nails, I had to find something easy to cover them up with before I went in to work  that I could use Seche QD over.

I ended up choosing As Gold as it Gets from Essie's LuxEffects collection since I thought that the gold flecks would look good with the deep forest green of Kink. I slapped on the new layer as I was dog sitting and it was good to go in under an hour (I was super cautious with it, it was probably fine sooner). This manicure turned out great but I'm still sad I didn't get to show off the cool vinyl finish of Kink. I know that the "matte" top coat I have from Kleancolor dries to a very vinyl finish, so maybe I'll try using that when I wear Vice.


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