Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blue Belt Manicure!

Hello lovely Ninjas!

All of the winners of my Blue Belt Giveaway have responded to their emails. Prizes will go out early next week to their new homes. Thank you to all who participated! Hopefully there will be a Red, Green, Brown, and Black belt giveaway in the future of my blog :)

Hubby and I after graduating :)

I had a very specific design in mind for this manicure. I had applied to the Mon Jin (Committed earning a Black Belt) Program before this graduation and knew the uniforms that are given out to Mon Jin members are black with red Kanji on the back. To represent the Blue belt we would be receiving, I used OPI Swimsuit... Nailed it! from last summer's Miss Universe collection on my pinky and thumb nails. Two easy coats for a gorgeous glowing blue foil that personifies the water element we're studying. On my middle three nails I did three coats of the cream version of Black MAgic from last year's Fantasy Maker's collection by Wet n Wild. On top of that, I did the Kanji for To, Shin, and Do on separate nails with a red nail art polish by Color Club. Here's the awesome finished product :)

Left Hand

Right Hand

Mimicking the uniform

My new uniform!

To: Blade

Shin: Heart

Do: Way

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