Sunday, September 2, 2012

butter LONDON Dosh

Good Evening Ninjas!

There's a Tornado Warning going on right now here in NC so hopefully I'll keep power long enough to finish this post! Currently it's just pouring cats and dogs and I'll take a deluge over a tornado any night. Last night was the Season premier of the 7th season of Doctor Who 2005 and it was fantastic! Keep an eye out for my who themed manicure in the new couple of days, I'm very proud of how my Dalek turned out :)

Tonight's manicure is butter LONDON's Dosh. Dosh was a gift from my amazing mother in law. She sent my hubby home with FIVE butter LONDON polishes all from my wishlist. I could scarcely believe my eyes when I was opening up all the gorgeous bottles of polish. Here's a quick picture of the haul:

I'd been having serious trouble finding Dosh whenever I went looking for it so I had to try it out first. Dosh is a gorgeous spring green polish with multicolored pink/green/gold glitter in it. The butter LONDON website describes it as "A molten metallic apple-green nail lacquer shot through with gold. DEEEELICIOUS!" I love it! This is two pretty coats in so-so lighting. I seriously need to invest in a light box. My homemade one got ruined by my evil cat.

Only three more days until my Blue Belt Giveaway ends!

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