Thursday, September 20, 2012

Essence Chic Reloaded

Hello Ninjas!

It's stripe week again at the dojo so Hubby and I got our first stripe on our blue belts. I also had a lot of fun in my first official Mon Jin (Black Belt Club) class last night. It's a cool opportunity to work with so many belt levels on those nights because it's open to anyone with a black uniform! That ranges from a Blue-White belt to a Fifth Degree Black belt!

Tonight's manicure is two smooth coats of Chic Reloaded from Essence. This is one of their new colors with the new bottle design. Chic Reloaded is a fantastic multi-chrom polish that flashes purple, teal, and gold in the right lights. This has a slightly metallic finish and the base color is a really nice charcoal grey. There are some funky hand angles in this picture in my attempt to capture the colors to the best of my ability.

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