Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Doctor Who Layering!

Hello Ninjas!

Sorry for the late post, I didn't get a chance to edit my photos earlier in the day so I had to do it after work and tomorrow's manicure. Tomorrow is Graduation and it is also the LAST DAY of my Blue Belt Giveaway! Don't forget to enter if you're in the US or Canada, there are three awesome prizes to be won that you can check out in the original giveaway post here.

Tonight's manicure is one that started as a layering experiment and ended up being a nerdy tribute to the7th  season premier of Doctor Who 2005. I started with three coats of SpaRitual Blue Moon which is a sheer ultraviolet jelly base with both purple and blue glitter throughout. On top of that I did one coat of Max Factor Fantasy Fire that I swapped for. FF is the purple jelly based multichrome effect polish that is hailed as the twin of Clarins 230 aka Unicorn Pee. After wearing that awesome combo for FOUR whole days with no chips, I did a little nail art that made my index finger and thumb into a Dalek which is The Doctor's number one nemesis!

Egg egg egg eggsterminate, EXTERMINATE!
I think my Dalek turned out pretty good, this is sort of what I was going for:

Blue Moon purchased with a gift certificate from my sponsor SkinCareRx.com

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  1. I have no idea what a Dalek is, but it looks like a cat to me. LOL.


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