Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Storage!

Hey Ninjas!

Short and sweet post tonight between doing lots of nail art and packing for the Ninja Festival this weekend. I picked up these rainbow drawers at Michael's a few weeks back and filled them with polish! At first I filled the drawers with corresponding polish colors then I rearranged the top two drawers. The very top drawer holds base coats, top coats, files, and general manicure tools. The second drawer is for stamping and nail art supplies.

I ended up giving pinks and neutrals their own drawers at kind of odd places. The neutrals, which were mostly greys, went into the second blue drawer because many greys lean blue.  The pinks, some of which lean blue, went in the second purple drawer since I had used the second red drawer for base/top coats. The polish is a little heavy for the drawers to move freely so this isn't a permanent fix but it is nicer to look at for now. One day I'll have a proper helmer to keep them all in!


  1. OMG I want this! But I can imagine they sag a little with all that weight. It looks pretty though:)

  2. These look cool, and I love how you can trace the right color easy with colored drawers :D My collection still fits in one box, and I'm trying to keep it that way for now :)

  3. this looks so cool! I love organizing by color, just sad that it's a little heavy for the drawers to be permanent.


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