Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meet the Ninjas Part 1

Hello Lovely Ninjas!

Today I'm starting a short series of posts that I'll mix in with my usual nail polish posts, "Meet the Ninjas". In these posts I plan to introduce members of my family which will be three furred pets and my Hubby! Today, I'll start with our oldest pet, Izzy.

Izzy was born October 12, 2008. Hubby and I adopted her from a rescue and brought her home December 7th. She's listed as a "Retriever Mix" which must mean her father. Her mother was a lovely tan dog with large white spots, short hair, and upright ears. Izzy has none of these things. In fact, Izzy looks like an oversized Border Collie. She's about 60lbs now and stands around 26 inches at her shoulder. We usually refer to her as a Border Collie mix and have had people guess that she might have Flat Coated Retriever, German Shepherd, or even Doberman in her. I might be able to see the first two but Doberman? Nah.

She's a super friendly dog that loves adults and teens. Children scare her because there was a literal herd of them at one of our apartments that would rush her all at once trying to pet her. I'd be freaked out by a hoard of kids too! She loves bananas and is willing to eat just about anything we hand her, including medicine. She isn't a fan of fish or celery though, she'll roll in fish and ignore celery but eat uncooked potato. Izzy's special like that.



  1. She is absolutely adorable! I love the touch of white on her chest and paws :)

  2. What a precious, adorable dog! I think she's a ham and knows it!


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