Monday, May 21, 2012

Essence High Spirits

Hello lovely Ninjas!

This week is weapons week in Ninjutsu. Since I'm graduation to the water element next week, I'm technically allowed to use the blue-belt weapon in class this week! Water uses a hanbo which is a 3 foot wooden staff. I'm excited because it's a change from the rubber throwing stars (Shuriken) I've had the chance to use the last 9 months! Anyways, on to the polish!

I picked up High Spirits one of my trips to Ulta about two months ago. I love green nail polish and I didn't have anything that was olive drab with silver shimmer. This is a pretty pretty polish that reminds me of the base color in RBL's Halcyon. Inspired by Halcyon and not able to fork out the money for it, I wore High Spirits with two different shimmer coats by Orly over it. I did two coats of High Spirits with one coat each of Orly Fifty-Four and Love Each Other. I wish the shimmer had turned out better in these pictures, this was a very pretty combination :)

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  1. Oh that's pretty and good luck with your hanbo!


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