Wednesday, April 20, 2011

101st Post! Essie Smooth Sailing

I told you I would have Smooth Sailing from the Summer 2011 collection for you next time i posted and here it is. It's a somewhat dusty grey based blue with a looot of glitter. The micro glitter is silver, pink, and blue but man was it hard to get a good picture of. Two coats was all it took for opacity though the formula felt a little weird and not like the normal super smooth/watery usual Essie formula. This was still super easy to work with though and you might want to use two coats of topcoat because it sort of eats the first one.

And my stamper came in the mail today! Soo I did a quick white flower with my striping polish and a quick blue butterfly with Wet n Wild's Saved by the Blue.

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  1. Ack another blue from Essie I just have to have!!!


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