Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mood Struck and Franken Haul

Here's the pretty Mood Struck polish I was telling you about. It didn't have a name that I could find so I'm just calling it Peach lol. The bottle looks like a golden shimmer filled coral color which is why I picked up the three pack to begin with. The hot color is a sort of light gold and the cold color is the very pretty golden coral.  This is a pretttty polish but not easy to manage, it can turn out streaky if you're not careful with application and it applies sort of matte which means pulling is very possible. It does dry very fast though and looks lovely with Seche Topcoat.

Two coats Mood Struck Peach, one coat Sech QD.

Sorry it's blurry, I was in a hurry to volunteering. After I got home and studied for my test, I added orange glitter tips to my nails that sort of matched the cold coral color. I added a coat of Salley Hansen Double duty to make it stick then another on top to even it out.

I like the last picture because the index and middle finger are cold where the ring and pinky finger are warm. Neat!

Next I have for you a picture of all the cool things I picked up that day. I got 6 glitters for frankening as well as pigments in a little 12 pack. Three art polishes and two face pallets along with the mood polish three pack make up the fun stuff!

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