Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Little Nail Art

So I thought I'd try my hand a a little nail art since I got those lining polishes in my franken haul. Yesterday I did a sort of glittery curved half manicure. I used two coats of Rimmel London Deliciously Dark as the base color and Wet n Wild Sparked as the glitter accent. It's sort of messy but it was fun to do!

Thennn tonight I used my liner polished on top of my existing Essie Scarlette Ohara mani. Three coats Scarlett Ohara, one line each of the white and glitte liner. Then I did three little lines of black for a sort of abstract feel. Then I did a coat of Wet n Wild Hallucinate on the empty part of the nail. What do you think??


  1. You did a lovely job. Its very sparkly and original. :)

  2. Thanks ladies :) I had fun with the liner polishes. I really need to get my hands on some stamping plates!


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