Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Update!

I haven't died, I promise. On Saturday my nails would not cooperate so I ended up going laquereless to work which was just weeeeird. Sunday I picked up an extra shift and there wasn't any sun out to get a decent picture of the holo I was wearing. Monday night I had to go to volunteering and study for a test (that I have to take in an hour!) But I picked up a bunch of neat stuff from Five Below including 6 Frankening glitters. I was sad to see that their display of Sally Hansen's Night Lights was gone though, I was going to add one to my giveaway!

Anyways, I'll have some picture spam up for you later tonight after work (I get out at 10:15) In the mean time, check out this AWESOME Mood polish from Mood Struck that I got in a 3 pack on sale at Marshalls (Not my picture, You'll get some tonight!)

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