Friday, April 29, 2011

Upcoming OPI collections.

Just saw these on Fashion Polish! All the photos and info are credit to Fashion Polish and her original post can be found here: OPI Upcoming Limited Addition Preview

The Miss Universe 2011 Collection includes four shades: Congeniality is My Middle Name, Crown Me Already!, It's MY Year, and Swimsuit...Nailed it!I'm not sure I'm excited about any of these,  but they are a neat collection. They're set to be released in July 2011, right when I'm getting married!

There's a four polish mini set with He's My Boo, Mummy Knows Best, I only Date Werewolves, and Zom-Body To Love which glows in the dark. There is also a full set that comes paired with Black Shatter. These are set to be available in September 2011.

Again, all credit for these goes to Fashion Polish!


  1. EEK!!! I LOVE Halloween! So I'm loving the Spookettes.

  2. Awesome!!! Thanks for the heads up on these.

  3. I've recently fallen in love with my ChG Black mesh, I think it would be so much fun to pair with a glow in the dark green!


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