Monday, April 18, 2011

Essie: Absolutely Shore

Yay! I finally got my hands on this pretty pale green from Essie's Summer 2011 Collection... I'm not sure if my local Walgreens just got their dates mixed up for what but I'm glad to have this! Absolutely shore is a very very pale green a little on the dusty side and leaning more yellow than blue. I love it.... So so so so much! In the typical Essie fashion, this took three coats for perfect opacity but the formula was easy to work with and evened itself out. I was applying this while watching the King's Speech so it took me a while to get all my fingers right because I kept smudging them on something or a cat hair would get stuck in my top coat! I prevailed though to bring you these pretty pretty pictures!

Three coats Essie Absolutely Shore, one coat Seche QD.

I wonder how this compares to the green from OPI's Pirates of the Carribbean collection's green? I don't know but I loooove this, definitely my new favorite pastel creme.


  1. Your Walgreens is AWESOME!!! I was thinking the same thing about the Pirates color... we'll have to see...

  2. Thanks so much for posting these swatches! I almost never go to Walgreen's, but I stopped there this morning to get some allergy medicine just because there was more parking there than at the pharmacy down the street. They had this display out and Absolutely Shore caught my eye, but they are really, really strict about touching/trying on the merchandise (partly why I don't bother going to that store—I'm not allowed to *touch* anything???) and those pastelly greens are really hit or miss on me. The color can totally flatter or make my skin look putrid yellow or gray, so I didn't want to risk it. Would it look sophisticated or like white-out painted on newsprint? It looks like we have very similar skin tones—fair and pink . . . I could be looking at my own fingers in your first picture—and it looks lovely on you! So I think I'll go back and grab it as soon as this Benadryl kicks in!

  3. Hope you're not driving! I can barely function when I'm taking benedryl which is why I take allegra (That goodness it's OTC now!) But yes, I'm rather fair and definitely on the pinker side. This looks great on me! Definitely a flattering pastel that doesn't look like newspaper on the nails for me.

  4. I took Allegra for four or five years when I was younger, but then it stopped working. I tried again when it went OTC, but I still have some kind of immunity to the formula built up in my system. Same thing happened with Zyrtec and Rhonicort (which I'm not even sure they still make—but I still have the stuffed rhino my doctor gave me as a promotion! It's my dog's bff! Anyway, I went back for Absolutely Shore and I love it! It's the perfect shade to wear for MY bff's wedding next weekend. Thanks!


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