Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bidding Bonanza!

So, I've recently discovered the usefulness of ebay when looking for cheaper (As in price, not quality, all I'm bidding on right now is Essie products and L8R G8R) nail polish and now have a ton of bids on lots that are ending in 24 hours.... Needless to say, if I win more than one of these bids I will be doing my first Giveway!!! I'm not sure what I'll do the giveaway for though. Should I do it for a certain number of followers? For a Raffle for a good cause (My favorite causes all involve dogs so maybe a rescue)? Or maybe I'll make it a competition of some sort (Name that polish, only right answers get an entry). Who knows! But, I'm excited :)

Edit: I won two of my auctions already! There will indeed be a giveaway in my future! Now to figure out what kind of giveaway... Leave a comment with a suggestion and the giveaway may happen sooner rather than later.

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