Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blockbuster Manicure!

Ok so I work at Blockbuster when I'm not in class and I wanted to use two of my new colors to do a BB inspired manicure. I used two colors from the new Wet n Wild FastDry collection: Saved By the Blue and The Wonder Yellow. Saved by the blue went on beautifully in two coats whereas the wonder yellow took three plus coats to get opaque and also got sticky so additional coats were pulling on the bottom ones... I eventually got it to work but man the yellow took forever!

 This first picture is with flash and shows a bit of the pretty shimmer in both colors. The Wonder Yellow actually has rainbow shimmer in it but it's hard to see in such a light color Saved by the Blue is gorgeous, even though it's no neon, it seems to be glowing, it's really nice.

 No flash, less true to color for The Wonder Yellow.

 The lineup! No Flash.

With flash, this actually makes the Wonder Yellow look more yellow than gold. It's a pretty combination of both and I wish it would build easier!

I had actually planned to use the yellow to french the tips of all of my nails but when I went to tape them, the tape was taking Saved by the Blue off too easily. Even though these are called FastDry, they took a bit longer than I expected to dry!

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