Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another Guest Blog!

So, I have a lot of friends with dogs. I also have a dog so I think they're wonderful and know way too much about them. One of my dog-world friends has a pug who is very tolerant and is used to getting her nails painted. When she read about my nail polish blog, she took up painting her dog's nails on a more regular basis and has been sending me picture of her ventures! This post is going to be about Izzie the pug getting her nails done by her mom Mandy in Alberta, Canada.


Since I have Gel Nails on my fingers and no one sees my toes in the winter anyways, I paint Izzie's nails. She's trained not to fuss with her nails and sits still while I paint them and until they're dry and I release her. This polish is Metallic by Revlon, I originally bought it thinking it'd be thin and I could put it over a nice neon hot pink for an 80s look. However, it was actually really goopy and only took one coat to cover Izzie's black nails. Though it actually looks quite nice on her nails, very eye catching.

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