Monday, February 21, 2011

OPI Big Hair... Big Nails.

While she was in town, Justin's mom learned of my new obsession with nail lacquer and of course, fed it. She got me the LASplash I swatched yesterday and also the only OPI polish I now own, Big Hair...Big Nails from the Texas Collection. For some reason, my VNL is dark instead of light like I see in most pictures of the OPI sorbets. Dunno why but it bugged the heck out of me. Short of taking it all off and putting in a white base, I would be seeing my nail line. Oh well. I did 4 whole coats of BHBN and a Seche vite top coat (Seche Base too).

This is a super vibrant coral/orange/red jelly! Look how it reflects light in the last two pictures. Love the neat jelly finish on these. The pictures don't do the vibrancy of this color justice so I found the color it reminds me most of:: Kohaku Koi fish!! The almost neon red/orange patches on this guy is what I think this color looks like.

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