Monday, February 28, 2011

Essie: Dive Bar

After letting a few of my readers (from a forum I frequent) pick some colors for me to try next, my fiance picked Essie's Dive Bar for me to wear next. This is apparently a color exclusive to the Walmart line of Essie but it's really awesome so I don't mind. I could have gotten away with two coats but have recently been obsessed with doing three coats on every color I try. This is an awesome multi-flash dark blue. The main flash is teal, sometimes green and only in the right light there's a great purple flash. I could only really get the teal in these pictures but this polish is amazing. I had a few compliments on it when I was at work and actually had a customer get me to write down the brand/color name for her so she could get her hands on a bottle of it.

Right now I'm wearing Coat Azure from the Spring collection. I'll get pictures up later tonight or tomorrow.

EDIT: Here's a picture of just the bottle, you can see the purple sort of on the side of the bottle.

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