Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jesse's Girl: Riff-Raff

Ok so I took pictures of this color last night but when I was editing them to post today the clean up was just so horrible that I decided I'll re-take the pictures when I get home later. For now, here's a look at the line-up!

EDIT: Here's the swatch of Jesse's Girl Riff-Raff in the shade. I love this reddish brown mahogany with golden-ish shimmer. Two coats was perfect application.

I also stopped by Walgreens where I found a Sinful display and picked upa bunch of colors (Haul to be posted later) and thought All About Me would look good over Riff-Raff.

All About Me is a gold glitter that leans towards the green spectrum but was quite pretty in one coat over Riff-Raff.

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