Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Huge Haul Post!

So, that lot of 42 Essie polishes I won? Well, they came in today and Oh.My.Gawd was this seller awesome. She included 8 extra polishes as well as other goodies. Ack, it was just like Christmas opening this package...

This entire pink hat box in the middle is FULL OF EXTRAS....

She sent me Chocolate... With Raspberries.... I might have to begin worshiping her.

 Extras: Two Nicole by OPI polishes, Nailtique Formula 2 (Which I'm wearing on currently naked nails), L'Oreal lipstick, Chocolate, anti-aging lotion/moisturizer, and a bag... with more Polish in it!

The total count of extras: 8. Two Nicole by OPI and 6 Bourghese. That puts this package at 50 bottles of polish!!

Pile of bubble wrapped Essie bottles and two more freebies I discovered when removing them: fancy schmancy files.

This is so amazing.. I think I might re-arrange them and make a calendar out of it. This is 40 different colors, two were duplicates (I'll be adding them to my giveaway).

The total polish Haul!!

Best package EVER to come home to after a long day of work/school. I now have everything I need for my giveaway so now I just need to decide how I'll do it. I'm thinking 30 followers? Oh, and expect Essie spam.


  1. OMG, I guess I've fallen love with you right now ^^ This is AMAZING!!! I want this package waiting for me too when I come home tonight <33

  2. And here I am all excited about receiving my shipment of Coconut Cocoa tea from Republic of Tea, and taking advantage of a sale at BevMo! I think I'd flip out about getting an entire new nail wardrobe in the mail. :)

  3. I keep trying to comment but it isn't showing up. What I meant to say was, Who is this seller?!?! Because I am jealous

  4. Thanks Ladies! The seller is eroesch1 And as far as I can tell from her feedback she always send extra goodies with her shipments. Also, shipping is FREE. I paid only $84 for all of this awesomeness. Considering Essie, Nicole by OPI, and Borghese are all at least $7 a bottle, this was a massive steal. XD

  5. Jennifer, Hi I just wanted to say how happy I was when I just happened to come accross this blog! I was reading about Some ladies with big smiles on there faces because they recieved a package of essie polish all wrapped up with Luv! Well I am the seller of such package! Eroesch1!!! I am thrilled that you enjoyed it!!That is what it was all about!! Wanted to make ya SMILE!! Feels good To Give!!!!! Let me know if you need anything! Have a BEAUTIFUL Day & God Bless (Allison) anearthangel2005@hotmail.com


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