Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SinfulColors: Daddy's Girl and Sally Hansen Blizzard Blue

Ok so I tried on Daddy's Girl from Sinful last night and it is a GORGEOUS purple jelly with flakies/glitter but it takes forever and a day to layer so I'll have to try it over something next time. This is three coats with Seche Base and Vite on bottom/top.

This is Sally Hansen's XtremeWear in Blizzard Blue. I have not seen a swatch of this anywhere, I was looking for half an hour last night and didn't see a single one! So weird. This is a gorgeous light blue/teal/green duochrome that's almost a multichrome. It looks like mermaid scales or something. I failed to catch the flashes of other color here because I had to rush to work right after painting my nails.

This is three coats with no base and Seche Vite on top.

I got another haul last night after going to the Mall with my fiance. I got three two packs of polish (all different) at Hot Topic for .98 cents each! That's less than .50 cent a bottle. I also picked up a stars and glitter polish too because I don't have star glitter yet. Pictures tomorrow :)

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