Monday, February 7, 2011

Mini Haul and an Unnamed Hello Kitty Polish

Sooo I stopped by Rite Aid on my way to tutoring today and picked up two lines I haven't heard much about: Oke Doke and Jesse's Girl. I got Pink This and Camo Loco by Jesse's girl and Oke Doke's Riff-Raff and Fool's Gold. I also saw a display of Sally Hansen's newer colors and picked up Blizzrd Blue.

The picture below is of the unnamed Hello Kitty polish that I got in a mini-pack. I know this is with flash but it's far more true to the color than the non-flash was. This was a weird polish with almost a matte finish. Went on fine in two coats though.

I couldn't stand the look of the neon matte-ish pink by itself so I put Sally Hansen Strobe Lights on top of it. This is two coats with one of Seche Vite over top.

The line up! To tell the truth, I've already taken this off because it was just burning my retinas. I'll be trying Riff-Raff on tonight.

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