Thursday, March 31, 2011

Essie Update: Resort and Brazilliant

((As seen on Body and Soul here))

So, the resort collection has a name! It's called Fair game and has a safari theme going on. Great colors for your summer getaway!

From Body and Soul: "Above: Essie Resort 2011. This 4 piece collection will be available May 1 and includes 4 shades: Fair Game, Your Hut or Mine, Lion Around, Da Bush."

I'm sort of in love with Da Bush. I loooove jade-green shades and that one is gorgeous! Lion Around is a neat color too, it's sort of the sunbleached color of your favorite red shirt. 

Essie's summer 2011 collection is Brazilliant! Neat play on words I think, it's full of brights and warm colors that you'd see in the native flowers of Brazil and many other tropical countries.

From Body and Soul: "Essie Summer 2011: Braziliant. This 6 piece collection will be available June 1 and include 6 shades: Braziliant, Meet Me at Sunset, Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, Absolutely Shore, Too Too Hot."

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