Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nerds Scented Polish: Skittles

I picked up this six pack of Nerds Polish a while back at Five Below. I lost my sense of smell over a year ago so I wasn't really interested in the scented aspect of these polished. I am, however, a huge fan of Nerds Candy :) I swatched five of the 6 polishes all at once since I didn't have to smell them and Justin wasn't home to be bothered by it. I reallly like the blue and the orangey-red. None of these colors had names and most of them needed to be thinned out in a baddd way but I wasn't about to thin them out for a quick skittle swatch.

Two coats of each color. The purple and pink were nice and even, the blue and orange/red were super streaky, the green actually didn't look that bad in person. I'm holding the 6th color, I couldn't get myself to put neon yellow on my nails lol.


  1. I need a Five Below so I can get these lol

  2. Five below is awesome! They also carry Funky Fingers nail polish which are basically color club polishes only cheaper!

  3. These are fun!!! Love them! Skittles Polish, too fun!

  4. awesome! we dont have funky fingers around here either lol


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