Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nail Care How To

A few of the entries to my giveaway suggested that I share my nail care routine. Since I don't feel like finding my camera right now, I thought I'd do that post today and save my nail color for tomorrow.

First, I like to let my hands soak at least once a week in warm soapy water to clean and soften the cuticles. (Everything else on this list I try to do daily) Then I like to moisturize my hands with a nicer, non-scented lotion. Lately I've been using Eucerin Calming Cream.

Then I like to take care of my cuticles a bit more with a protein enriched cream called Healthy Hoof. It's actually intended to strengthen the hooves of horses but is often sold with nail products in beauty supply stores and pharmacies. This has a light smell that's pleasant but I do try to stay away from scented products for basic hand care. I just put a dab on each fingernail and rub it in to the nail and cuticle. I don't usually have issues with my cuticles but when the need arises I push them back right after rubbing this in.

Then after that I usually like to file and buff my nails to make them a little more uniform. This is the neat Crystal File I got with my huge Essie haul.

Then I'll usually add base coat before doing my polish. Right now I'm using Nailtiques Formula 2 as my base coat until my nails stop needing buffing to get out the weird ridges and what not from when I was sick. Otherwise I'd be using Seche base.

After I do my polish/topcoat, I try to keep it on for a day or two. When I forget to use Healthy Hoof and notice my cuticles looking a bit rough, I use the Ulta Cuticle Oil Pen that I keep in my Backpack/Purse to get quick moisturization.

I remove my polish with 100% acetone meaning my hands take a beating which is why I try so hard to keep them moisturized. But that's my routine! Anyone have anything they think I should add?

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