Friday, March 25, 2011

My First Franken!

I'm calling this Rockin' Robin because I spent most of my time with this trying to get the blue close to robin egg blue. I  originally started this off as a Glitter in the Air dupe but I don't have the right glitter to put in it so it turned into a pretty Easter color. It needs to be thinned out in a bad way and I didn't bother to do any clean up because I didn't intend to keep it on after I took pictures.

This is two coats of Rockin' Robin with no base coat and Seche Top Coat.

Again, this is nooo clean up. so please ignore the horrible mess on my cuticles! Isn't it a neat color though? And no, I am not sure what all went into this lol. I think I used something close to 6 polishes in this franken lol.


  1. Thanks for sharing your first franken :) Looks a little like (pretty) sandy seawater!!!

  2. Thanks :) I have one other one that has some multi-colored hex in it with a grey base. I'll do it next Friday!


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