Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess What?

Visiting NY usually means a couple of things: being fed too much good food, and getting entirely unnecessary but incredibly appreciated gifts from my fiancee's mom. This trip's awesome gifts include a dress to wear to my wedding after-party, a visit with two adorable yorkies (ok maybe that's not a gift to everyone but it is to me!) and an incredibly expensive bottle of Estee Lauder's Pure Color in Ultra Violet!

All I said to my mom-in-law-to- be was "Wanna see what a $22 bottle of nail polish looks like?" and I took her to the Estee Lauder display in Macy's. Then, she told me to pick a bottle! Since I'm a sucker for purple and was looking for something glittery (having many cremes from my Essie haul) I picked out Ultra Violet. Apparently this is a re-release from last year but is still considered a limited edition color. I love it, it's gorgeous but soooo hard to capture on camera!

I'm sitting in an airport right now, waiting on bad weather and have a less than ideal internet connection so I won't post pictures until I get home to NC. I just wanted to let you know what was in store! Also, since you can't bring nail polish on airplanes, I had to leave my gorgeous bottle in NY! It will come back to me around Easter though when we have a family gathering :)

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