Friday, March 11, 2011

OPI: Do you think I'm Texy?

After the never ending journey back home, I was miserable when I finally (after 4 flights) landed back in NC. For some therapy, and because I didn't feel like painting my nails last night, I got my nails done at the place my MIL-to-be took me to get a pedicure when she visited. It was lovely and relaxing and a chance to wear another Texas Collection color without buying it so whee!

This is three coats of  Do you think I'm Texy with OPI base and top coat. I actually ended up putting Seche QD on top of the OPI because the manicurist was so stingy on the top coat that I could see brush marks on every nail! Had to even that out or I was going to go crazy. Anyways, I love this color but I'm still a bigger fan of Big hair, Big Nails. OH, she squared my nails off... Looks a little weird to me and I'll probably round them out when they grow a bit... My thumbs look squared, it's weird.

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