Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NYC: Starry Silver Glitter

I was thinking of letting my nails go naked, and they were for most of yesterday. It was slightly disturbing for me to look at my naked nails and their sad slightly yellowed hue so I had to put something on them! I stopped by the local Rite Aid hoping to find the display of oke Doke still around so I could pick up the pretty blue that I'd see swatches of. No such luck, looks like at least my Rite Aid has stopped carrying oke Doke. They did still have the Jesse's Girl collection though, I allllmost picked up firefly but refrained. I ended up finding this pretty awesome NYC glitter for .99$ and picked up a buffing block too.

This is two coats of NYC Starry Silver Glitter over Nailtiques Formula 2. No base color coat here, I wanted something that looked slightly naked still without showing my sad yellow nails to the world. I love this! The silver background glitter is actually a pretty scattered holo and the big electric blue and lavender hex glitters make me think of Glitter in the Air. I bet it would be great for trying to Franken a GitA dupe.

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  1. Nice! I picked this one up recently but haven't had a chance to try it.


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